Unfortunately, IAMS™ dog products will no longer be available for sale in Australia, as we’ve decided to focus our brand on our cat food products.

We’ve been proud to bring you and your dogs quality, premium pet food over the years, and the decision to discontinue our IAMS™ dog products has been a tough one. Even though the brand has a small and loyal following, at the current volumes it is unsustainable to produce in Australia. IAMS™ Dog will continue to be available until stocks are exhausted.

The new and improved IAMS™ Cat range is available from mid-February 2018. This new range spans across 14 different products, boasting new formulation, efficient pack sizes and varieties, new packaging and the reintroduction of IAMS™ Multicat. Even more excitingly, for the first time ever, IAMS™ will be made locally here in Bathurst in NSW for our best and freshest product available since its launch.

We appreciate the support of our IAMS™ dog food buyers over the years, and look forward to bringing you our best ever cat food products in 2018.

If you have any questions about your dog’s ongoing nutrition, please call our Consumer Care line on 1800 640 111 for advice on the best way to transition your dog to a new diet.